Manufacturer of light

La Linia Lighting produces Ring of Light lamps, lampshades, hanging lamps, dome lamps and industrial lamps entirely in-house.

La Linia works closely with architects, interior builders and designers to produce particularly atmospheric lighting for different target groups. In addition to a large number of standard products, as mentioned, we can fully adapt all our products to the wishes and requirements of our customers and our products are fully customizable to the look and feel of your project.

We produce lampshades under private label (OEM) for wholesalers, manufacturers and lifestyle brands. These are provided with article numbers, EAN codes or brand labels if desired and are packaged according to customer requirements. The quantities can vary from a few pieces to thousands of pieces.

Lighting production Enschede Holland

Since January 2017, La Linia Lighting, also known as LLL Lighting, has been located at Binnenhaven 20 in Enschede the Netherlands. From this spacious building, where we have a large warehouse, a very spacious production facility and even our own paint shop, we serve our customers throughout Western Europe.

Here you will also find our 400m2 showroom where all productgroups are exhibited.

You are very welcome to visit our showroom.


Production of lampshades

La Linia Lighting produces lampshades for projects, so our wool felt lampshades are often used in healthcare projects because they provide extra sound absorption and have a homely appearance. In addition, our wool felt is durable and fire-retardant.

These lampshades are often equipped with an LED panel for maintenance-free use. If desired and dim to warm or tunable white

Lampshades with print

Our lampshades with print are also manufactured entirely in-house, whether they are very large lampshades that will hang in a sports canteen or small hanging lamps for baby and children's rooms, everything is custom-made by us. Whether it concerns a print run of 1 piece or a series production of 1000 pieces, we are happy to think along with you. LLL also takes care of the packaging and any markings such as item number or item information. It is also possible to process a brand label in the adhesive seam of the lampshade.

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Production of LED panels

La Linia Lighting produces tailor-made LED panels for our products, the LED boards themselves are made in the EU and are equipped with high-quality LEDs with an efficiency of no less than 135lm/W, the LED boards are made entirely of aluminum to properly dissipate heat. and maximize lifespan. LLL gives a 5-year warranty on our own LED panels.

The mounting plate of the LED panels is custom milled in-house from lightweight and fire-retardant aluminum composite materials. Our LED panels are used in our Ring of Light lamps and Proline lamps.