Ring of Light Zero

The Ring of Light Zero, designed in 2021, is a very slim ring fixture, available with inward LED lighting and available with outward LED lighting.

The Ring of Light Zero can be used as a horizontal or vertical hanging fixture and can be mounted as a single lamp or as a set of multiple lamps/rings in different sizes. These circle LEDlamps are also available as wall mountable fixtures

The fixtures are made of aluminum and available in 12 different finishes and 12 different diameter sizes as standard. On request, these fixtures can also be custom produced and a custom ceiling mounting plate can be supplied.

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Own production

La Linia produces the Ring of Light Zero entirely in-house. A special aluminum profile is rolled to the desired diameter, then connected using tig welding.

The next step is spraying the profile, which is done in our own spray shop. After this, the high-quality LED is mounted with a CRI97+. After mounting the LED, the power cable and steel cables are mounted.

After placing the opal acrylic cover, which ensures perfect even lighting, the fixture is ready for delivery


The Ring of Light Zero is made of a very narrow and elegant profile, the profile is made of aluminum, which ensures a low weight and good thermal conduction of the LED.

The dimensions of this profile are 15x18mm


The Ring of Light Zero can be made with lighting on the inside or with lighting on the outside.

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Ring of Light Zero

The Ring of Light Zero This is the most commonly used version of these narrow LED circle rings.

If needed, these narrow ring lamps can also be ordered as ring sets, so that multiple ring lamps of different diameters can be hung underneath each other. If desired, we can also supply a custom-made ceiling cap.

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Ring of Light Zero Y

The Ring of Light Zero Y is equipped with lighting on the outside. This version can also be combined with the Zero X.

The Zero Y ring lamps have lighting on the outside.
The Zero X ring lamps have lighting on the inside


    Set van 3 Zero LEDringen als kroonluchter opgehangen

    Ringen met verlichting naar binnen gemonteerd als kroonluchter

    Verticaal hangende ringen, ook leverbaar als wandlamp

    RIng of light zero met outward verlichting

    Close up van brushed copper Ring of Light Zero

    Maatwerk Zero ringlamp als wandlamp

    Wandlamp ring met verlichting aan binnenzijde