Lampshades and fabric pendent lamps

La Linia Lighting has been producing lampshades for more than 25 years, whether for small or large quantities, La Linia can produce any shape and size lampshade. La Linia started producing lampshades in 1990. At that time we only produced 5 lampshade models in 4 different fabrics, the fabric designs were still cut by hand at the time. A few years later, a die-cutting machine was purchased, which made it possible to produce larger quantities of lampshades. Because a cutting knife had to be made for each lampshade model for this machine, the first computer-controlled cutting plotter was purchased in 1999. The Zund cutting plotter made it possible to cut all sizes and models of lampshades from the fabric without any problems. Our latest Zund cutting machine was put into use in 2018, which can almost automatically cut large numbers and a huge variety of models from our fabrics. This machine can also score square and rectangular lampshades, so that they are always perfectly shaped.

We now cut around 500 different lampshades every day, of which around 90% are now cut with strips so that the lampshades can be finished “blind”. A piping band at the top and bottom of the lampshade is therefore a thing of the past, the top frame and bottom frame of the lampshades are neatly finished in the same fabric as the lampshade.

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Lampshades manufacturer

In 25 years, La Linia Lighting has grown into one of the leading lampshade manufacturers in Europe. By using the most modern techniques and machines, we guarantee 100% quality. Whether it concerns 10,000 lampshades or 1 custom-made hanging lamp. Because we manufacture all our lampshades ourselves, we are very flexible and can quickly respond to our customers' questions. The average lead time for an order is about 3 weeks, but if necessary it can often be done within a few days.

In addition to producing lampshades to your specifications, we also provide the correct packaging, with or without your item information. If desired, we can also provide the lampshades with a hang tag containing product information such as article number, size and shape, color and, for example, an EAN code. Of course with your logo if desired.

It is even possible to supply your own designs digitally, we then print them on plastic or textile, this way you can put together your own unique collection. Naturally, as a manufacturer, we also have a large number of our own fabrics in our collection and in stock.

Below are some images of our warehouse and production area


    Hanglampen 150cm wolvilt akoestisch brandvertragend

    Blind afgewerkte lampenkappen

    Hanglampen 120cm met bedrukte binnenzijde in zwartwit

    Lampenkappen zonder bies bedrukt

    Lampenkappen van Livigno stof met omslag

    gekleurde lampenkappen met blenders

    Grote witte conische hanglampen in Hema restaurant

    Lampenkappen voor zorg wolvilt B1

    Grote staande lampenkappen Cafe Thomas

    Kinderkamerlampen klaar voor verpakken

    Producent van bedrukte lampenkappen

    CNC snijmachine voor uitsnijden van lampenkappen

Custom-made lampshades

Large custom-made lampshades are often produced on a project basis, our cutting machine easily cuts the most complex or very large shapes from fabric. On our projects page, view lampshades that we have custom-made for different customers and projects. Of course, if it concerns fabric hanging lamps, we can also supply the necessary suspension pendants and hanging systems, usually with E27 fittings and LED lamps. But also possible with professional high-efficiency LED modules. For more information about our lampshades with LED modules, please view this page

If desired, we can provide your lampshades with a custom print or imprint. Printed lampshades are often used for events or as lighting for exhibition stands. For more information about printed lampshades, please view this page

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