La Linia Lighting is a manufacturer of lampshades, we produce lampshades in all shapes, sizes and fabrics. We mainly supply our lampshades to wholesalers. The customer determines in consultation the shape, the exact size, the fabric, the packaging and, if necessary, the coding. We can individually provide all lampshades with a barcode and/or article code and of course we package everything according to the customer's wishes.

We have more than 25 years of experience in producing lampshades, we only use high-quality materials, all lampshade frames are produced in the Netherlands and we have test reports for fire safety and durability for all our fabrics. Because we carry out the entire production process of the lampshades in-house, we have 100% control over the quality and delivery time. Thanks to our largely automated production process, we ensure short delivery times and fast turnaround times.

Lampshade manufacturer

Here you will find an impression of the production process of our lampshades, our modern factory is equipped with computer-controlled cutting machines and an advanced order system. Quality and short delivery times are therefore guaranteed.

In addition to our own range of lampshades and our own large fabric stock, we can make custom lampshades for our customers. Even the packaging and labels can be made to clients specifications. Regardless of quantity


Printed lampshades

Relatively new is the possibility of producing lampshades with your own design. By digitally printing fabric, this is now possible in very small quantities. Until a few years ago, creating your own fabric design for lampshades was only possible with rotary printing, where at least 1000m of fabric is printed with a single pattern. Since the rise of digital printing, it is now possible to print just 1m of fabric in a design of your choice. We have perfected this technique and can now basically print any fabric in full color in exceptionally high quality. Printing lampshades is often used for the production of lampshades for children's rooms or baby rooms. The minimum purchase per design is only 6 pieces. In addition, the new printing technology makes it possible to produce different color samples/print proofs very quickly. Basically ready when you wait.

With printed lampshades you can design your own series of lampshades, large or small and regardless of quantity.

Private Label Lampshades

We produce lampshades under private label on behalf of our customers. These lampshades are provided with coding and branding desired by the customer. In addition, it is of course possible for the client to determine all specifications of the lampshades themselves. So not just the size and color and fabric of the lampshades. But also, for example, the thickness of the frame and the color of the frame.

It is also possible to provide the lampshades with a textile label (brand label) in the adhesive seam or we can print the brand labels when it concerns printed lampshades with your own design. The customer can also decide for himself what should be included on the item card and the hang tag of the lampshades. This could be, for example, the ean code, but also information about color, size and order code.

The packaging of the lampshades is done in consultation with the customer. The customer can determine the packaging unit himself and the type of box used. It is also possible to have printed boxes made especially for your lampshades.

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