Dome lights

The dome lamps from La Linia Lighting are available in countless diameters and infinite color options, our dome lamps are produced for you in any edition and can be delivered throughout Europe.

La Linia Lighting is a manufacturer of dome lamps, which are sold under the brand name Emisfero dome lamps. We make dome lamps in any desired size in a very large number of effects and finishes. These handmade dome lamps are real eye-catchers.

We make our half-sphere hanging lamps from 40cm to 180cm. All possible effects and finishes can be viewed in our showroom in Enschede, where the production of these dome lamps also takes place.

These dome lamps are also frequently used on a project basis,

The dome lamps are produced and supplied by us in 2 variants, one version has a rough inside or a rough outside with a beautiful handmade structure and the inside is often smooth and can be sprayed in a RAL color of your choice or finished with gold leaf. copper foil or silver leaf.

The other version is a completely smooth dome lamp, the inside and outside can be sprayed in a RAL color of your choice, either matt or high-gloss, but these can also be provided with gold or silver leaf.

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These handmade dome lamps were delivered to Zoet of Zout in Stellendam the Netherlands. The outside is made of Cast Metal and the inside has hand-glued real copper foil for a warm appearance. These half-sphere lamps have a diameter of 140cm and are real eye-catchers.



    koepellamp ruw buiten goud binnen

    Koepels van 70cm cast metal met bladkoper binnen

    koepellampen 120cm buitenzijde roest effect en binnenzijde goud

    2 halve bol bol lampen cast metal met bladgoud

    Eclipse lamp van 100cm buitenzijde oxidated copper

    Handgemaakte koepellamp voor kantoor van Brandnew Web

    Zoet of zout koepellampen 140cm cast metal met bladkoper

    Betonlook koepellamp 70cm binnenzijde wit

    80cm koepels met roest effect buitenzijde en bladkoperen binnenzijde

    3x koepellamp met lichte structuur de binnenzijde in koper, goud en platina

    Hanglampen koepel 70cm boven eettafel

    Koepellamp 90cm boven eettafel met koperen binnenkant

    Betonlook koepellamp 120cm met koperen binnenzijde

    3 betonlook koepellampen van 80cm

    Grote koepellamp in Vide met bladkoperen binnenzijde

    2 halve bol lampen 80cm met structuur binnenzijde

    koepellampen 80cm

    Koepellamp van 60cm buitenzijde mat zwart binnenzijde bladkoper

    Hoogglans zwarte halve bol lampen 100cm boven kookeiland

    Hoogglans witte koepellamp van 90cm boven eettafel

Dome lamps in stairwell, in different diameters with 3 different insides, the inside has a light structure in the colors copper, gold and platinum

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Custom made dome lamps

Our handmade dome lamps are custom made, in numerous colors and finishes. Below is an overview of standard diameter sizes

Dome lamps of 40cm , these are used to hang above small tables, this can be 1 or 2 next to each other.

Dome lamps of 50cm , dome lamps of 50cm are often used in lower rooms, often as a set of 2 above a dining table or conference table

Dome lamps of 60cm , half-sphere hanging lamps of 60cm are very common as lighting for office buildings or as mood lighting for the private sector, 2 can be hung next to each other above large tables.

Dome lamps of 70cm and 80cm , dome lamps of 70cm and 80cm are the most sold sizes of dome lamps, these can be hung above tables.

Dome lamps of 90cm and 100cm , these sizes of dome lamps are hung above large tables or placed freely in the room. Please take into account a reasonable ceiling height.

Dome lamps of 120cm, 140cm and 180cm , our largest dome lamps are usually hung freely in the room, these are often large rooms with high ceilings, which gives a very impressive result.

High gloss dome lamps

High-gloss dome lamps are sprayed in our own paint shop in perfect high-gloss, creating a modern look. High-gloss dome lamps can be perfectly combined with a beautiful handmade inside with, for example, a rust effect or a sheet metal inside

Concrete look dome lamps

Our concrete dome lamps have been very popular for years. These lamps are of course not really made of concrete, but they do have a very nice concrete look. Concrete look lamps cannot be distinguished from real concrete. These concrete dome lamps can also be supplied with a concrete look outside and a white inside or a silver leaf, gold leaf or copper leaf inside.

In the image you see 2 half-sphere lamps with a diameter of 100cm, the outside is painted high-gloss white and the inside is inlaid with silver leaf.

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