La Linia Lighting

La Linia Lighting is a Dutch manufacturer of lighting fixtures and lampshades. In addition to a series of our own products, we produce custom-made fixtures for our clients.

Our focus is on producing high-quality lighting objects, tailor-made by our experienced lighting specialists. By using high-quality components and producing 90% of all products/parts ourselves, we can guarantee 100% of the quality delivered and guarantee a long lifespan.

La Linia Lighting, also known as LLL, has been active in the lighting industry for more than 25 years and supplies its products to resellers such as interior specialists, architects and installers.

La Linia is also known under the brand name LLL which stands for La Linia Lighting

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Light and Building

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Ring of Light

The La Linia Ring of Light series consists of several ring fixtures. These are all produced entirely by La Linia. The Ring of Light fixtures are available in a large number of different sizes, from 400mm to 4000mm diameter.

The slim lightfixture is equiped with high-quality La Linia LED modules with an efficiency of 135 lumens per Watt and a CRI of 90+. The Ring of Light from La Linia is produced in various types, sizes and shapes and in a wide variety of materials and colors. Our handmade circle fixtures are mainly used in office and catering projects, but these rings are also very popular in homes.

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Custom lighting fixtures and custom lampshades, that is what La Linia Lighting is known for. All products, examples, lampshades and hanging lamps that we show on this website can be fully adapted to your wishes and requirements.

We produce lampshades with a diameter of up to 400cm! In all conceivable and possible fabric and color combinations. We can provide our professional lighting with LED lighting with any desired lumen output (light output) and in any light color and we make custom dome lamps, ranging from a modern high-gloss finish to a rugged handmade concrete look. Everything is possible!

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Own production and assembly

La Linia Lighting has a 3000m2 production facility, where your Ring of Light lamps, lampshades and dome lamps are custom made. We have created a digital tour for you, allowing you to view all departments of our company, so to speak. You can see our paint shop, the lampshade workshop, the metal department, the warehouse and the dome lamp production.

You can find the digital tour HERE


    Ring of Light in brushed copper

    Compositie van Ring of Light lampen bij HAN Nijmegen

    LEDbuis rondom stralend 200cm lang

    Koepellamp 100cm mat wit, binnenzijde bladkoper

    Grote bedrukte en brandvertragende hanglampen

    XL Ringlampen messing goud

    Bedrukte hanglampen van 50x100cm op een beurs

    Hexagoonvormige hanglampen XL 240cm

    Grote oranje lampenkappen diameter 150cm

    Ringlampen uitgevoerd in bladgoud

    XL Dubbele hanglamp diameter 200cm

    Zwarte donut hanglampen met LED

    Koepellamp 140cm handgemaakt voor Zoet en Zout

    3 verschillende binnenzijdes voor koepellampen

    Bundel lampenkappen van satijn stof met taupe binnenzijde

    Hoogglans halve bol met bladzilver binnenzijde 100cm

    Buitenlampenkappen van kunststof met RGB

    LEDringen Brushed gold Houthaven

    Smalle LEDringen

    Maatwerk plafondarmatuur koper

Lampshades manufacturer

La Linia Lighting is one of the few remaining manufacturers of lampshades in Europe. In our lampshade workshop in Enschede(the Netherlands) we produce custom lampshades, regardless of quantity, shape, color or size, we can produce any type of lampshade. Over the years, the production process has been largely automated, but the assemble of the lampshades is still done entirely by hand.

The shapes of the lampshades used to be cut out by hand or punched out of the fabric. Nowadays this is done with very modern computer-controlled cutting machines (CNC plotters) that accurately cut the most complex shapes from the fabric to the tenth of a millimeter. cutting, a perfect fit every time. The final assembly of the lampshades remains craftsmanship and is still done by hand. 

The lampshades are packaged according to your specifications and, if desired, with article stickers, hang tags or barcodes. La Linia Lighting has been a lampshade manufacturer with attention to detail for more than 25 years.

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