La Linia Nexus Organic

Experience our latest architectural design, the La Linia Nexus Organic

The Nexus Organic combines our proven high-quality LED techniques with a completely new design.

Natural organic shapes are the basis for our new lighting design, make a combination of our shapes or create your own composition with designs you have developed yourself.

We can even produce your own designs, even in small quantities.

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Hi-End LED modules

La Linia Lighting has had its own LED modules developed in the Netherlands, which allows us to achieve high-quality results. Our LED has an efficiency of 135+lm/w and a CRI of 90+. In addition our modules are made of aluminum, which positively influences the dissipation of heat. This ensures a longer lifespan. 

Our LED comes standard with a 5 year warranty, no matter what!

The Nexus Organic is made from an aluminum profile, the outside and inside are finished in a color of your choice. The top is made of a lightweight fire-retardant aluminum composite material. The LED modules are mounted on this composite material. The bottom of the lightfictures is made of a special acrylic with a light transmission of 78%. Ensuring a nice evenly lit surface.

Colors & Finish

La Linia has its own composed color palette for our Organic Nexus Ring Lamps, you can of course view these colors in our showroom, or we can send you a sample. Of course, our light fixtures can also be finished in any RAL color. for example in your own corporate identity.

Organic light shapes

Natural shapes, available in a large number of shapes and sizes, available in 12 different colors and available in 3 light colors as standard. Equipped with our high-quality La Linia LED modules with an efficiency of 135lm/W and a CRI of 90+. 

Can be used as decorative elements with functional LED lighting, including our 5-year warranty on the LED modules. The lamps are made of aluminum outer edge in combination with a high-quality acrylic LED diffuser, designed, developed and produced entirely in-house by our experienced lighting specialists.

These special light shapes and lighting designs are available immediately, inquire about the endless possibilities


    Ring of Light Organic Design

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