About La Linia Lighting

La Linia lighting is a manufacturer and wholesaler of lighting. La Linia has been designing, manufacturing and importing lighting for various target groups for more than 25 years. In addition to selling the products we produce, we are also dealers for a number of other lighting brands. This allows us to develop your total lighting plan.

In 1992, La Linia started producing lamp bases and lampshades under the name Vectra Lighting. Vectra Lighting was located in a building of 150 m2 at the time, employing 2 people.

3 years later, a building of 300m2 was moved into, and there are now 4 people working at Vectra lighting.

In 1999, Vectra lighting moves to a new location in Enschede, the company has access to a building of 700 m2, where 7 people are employed, in 2000 the company name is changed to La Linia lighting. Due to the growing demand for our lighting, an additional production hall was rented in 2005, so that we have a total of 1000 m2 of business space at our disposal.

In 2013, La Linia moves to the Europalaan in Enschede, where we have access to 1500 m2 of business space

La Linia Lighting moved again at the beginning of 2017. At our current location we have more than 3000 m2 of production space and our workforce has grown to 22 people. Because La Linia is increasingly active internationally, our company name was changed in 2017 from La Linia lighting to La Linia Lighting.

A new corporate identity was introduced in 2018, our logo was changed to LLL, which of course stands for La Linia Lighting

Our metal department started in 2020, where we previously outsourced all metal work, we now have our own production facilities. This allows LLL to produce flexibly and in high quality. Aluminum is mainly processed here, some production disciplines are rolling/bending, CNC milling, TIG welding of aluminum and spraying.


    Ring of Light in brushed copper

    Compositie van Ring of Light lampen bij HAN Nijmegen

    LEDbuis rondom stralend 200cm lang

    Koepellamp 100cm mat wit, binnenzijde bladkoper

    Grote bedrukte en brandvertragende hanglampen

    XL Ringlampen messing goud

    Bedrukte hanglampen van 50x100cm op een beurs

    Hexagoonvormige hanglampen XL 240cm

    Grote oranje lampenkappen diameter 150cm

    Ringlampen uitgevoerd in bladgoud

    XL Dubbele hanglamp diameter 200cm

    Zwarte donut hanglampen met LED

    Koepellamp 140cm handgemaakt voor Zoet en Zout

    3 verschillende binnenzijdes voor koepellampen

    Bundel lampenkappen van satijn stof met taupe binnenzijde

    Hoogglans halve bol met bladzilver binnenzijde 100cm

    Buitenlampenkappen van kunststof met RGB

    LEDringen Brushed gold Houthaven

    Smalle LEDringen

    Maatwerk plafondarmatuur koper

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