When it comes to large fabric pendant lampshades or large lampshades, there are many options. You completely decide what your lamps will look like. La Linia Lighting has numerous fabrics in stock and a very wide range of lampshade frames and carcasses. We can also devise and manufacture a suitable solution for every room and every ceiling.

We can custom produce each lampshade, the possibilities are endless



Large lampshades can be equipped with a blender/diffuser. A blender or base plate closes the bottom of a lampshade. A blender ensures that you cannot look directly into the light sources and that the light is distributed evenly. A diffuser actually ensures that you are not blinded by the LED lighting. Blenders and diffusers for pendant lamps are almost always removable and, because they are made of opal white plastic, they are also perfectly cleanable. Depending on the choice of material, the light transmission is between 60 and 80%. Diffusers for lampshades can be made of PVC, acrylic, PP or textile.

We distinguish 2 types of blenders/diffusers

1. Open blenders (blenders with an open edge)

2. Closed blenders (the bottom of the lampshades is completely closed)

Open Diffusers

An open diffuser is easily removable and has an open edge on the outside, for example, a diffuser for a lampshade of 80cm has a diameter of 70cm and the diffusor for a hanging lamp of 120cm has a diameter of 110cm. Below are a number of images of diffusers with an open edge.

Open blenders or diffusers for lampshades can also be fully printed, such as these lamps produced for Feyenoord(a Dutch football club)

Closed Diffusers

In addition to the commonly used open blender for pendant lamps, closed blenders are also available. A closed blender has the same diameter as the lampshade. For example, a lampshade with a diameter of 100cm also has a diffuser of 100cm. The bottom of the lampshade is completely closed with this, but the blender remains removable. Lampshades with a closed bottom are often used when mounting the lampshade flush against the ceiling, or if the lampshades have limited height.

Fire retardant lampshades

We have a standard range of fire-retardant B1 or Trevira fabrics, these fabrics are supplied with a test report or B1 certificate. We also supply a number of B1 PVC foils for the cladding of the fabric (the inside of the fabric). Blenders can also be made fire-retardant.

In addition, it is possible to provide almost any fabric with a fire-retardant coating, which certifies the fabric as B1. It is also possible to make printed lampshades fire-retardant.

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Printed lampshades

Lampshades and hanging lamps can be printed with logos, photos or, for example, in your specific corporate identity color. You can supply your own files ready-made, but our DTP department is also happy to assist you. If we prepare the print files for you, you will always receive a digital proof for approval. Printed lampshades are very suitable for decorating your exhibition stand or event, but can of course also be used as signage or decorative objects. For more information, please read further on this page

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