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La Linia Lighting has a wide range of its own products, these products are all produced by ourselves. In addition to the basic products such as lampshades, dome lamps and LED rings with fixed dimensions, light output and colors/finishes, we can customize all our products per project. So would you like a slightly different size, a higher light output or a different cord length? Inquire about the possibilities.

Our latest product is the Ring of Light, the La Linia Ring of Light is a circular lamp that is produced in different designs. These rings are supplied in diameters from 40cm to 240cm (larger on request) and in different colors and finishes.

Ring of Light

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Commonly used materials are

- Aluminium

- Acrylic

- Textiles


- Aluminum composite panel


We mainly use aluminum in profile form, from which lineair lighting is made and rings are rolled/bended. We also use aluminum profiles as reinforcement parts for large fixtures. Aluminum is also used for our industrial Ring lamp. We do the rolling/bending and welding of the aluminum in our own factory.


We use acrylic, also known as plexiglass, for the production of diffusers/blenders. We use acrylic specially developed for us that is specially suitable for our LED lighting. This acrylic has a light transmission of 78% and is still perfectly evenly illuminated by our LED. The individual LEDs are not visible through the acrylic.

Dome lights

View our handmade and custom-made dome lamps, various sizes and the most beautiful color combinations


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Textile / Fabrics

We use textiles for the production of lampshades, all lampshades are produced entirely by ourselves. We use different types of textiles in different compositions. For example, we supply lampshades made of fire-retardant textile B1 or washable lampshades, the textile is coated with a thin washable coating. Naturally, our textile (fabric) can also be printed, this is also possible in B1 trevira fire retardant. Most commonly used fabrics for the production of lampshades are linen, chintz, polycotton, velvet and satin.

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We use PVC for the backing of the lampshades, the inside of the lampshades (the PVC layer/caching) can be made in different thicknesses and colors. This way we can develop lampshades that exactly match your product or project. Frequently used PVC fabric combinations are fabric lampshades with:

White interior

Silver interior

Golden interior

Transparent inside

Copper interior

Taupe interior

We can therefore provide the fabric for your lampshades with a coating according to your wishes.

LED panel Ring of Light

Aluminum composite

We use an aluminum composite plate as the top plate of our PRO LINE LAMPS. and our Ring of Light This composite plate is milled to size in our CNC department. The LED lighting (Aluminium LED modules) is then mounted on this composite plate, the LED driver and LED controller are also mounted on this TOP PANEL. In addition, the power cables and steel cables are also attached to this panel.



The advantage of the composite plate is that it is lightweight and can therefore be hung safely. Due to the construction of this material, it also provides extra cooling for our LED lighting, which ensures an optimal lifespan of the LED. By the way, our high-efficiency LED modules are not made from the classic PCB, but also on a full aluminum base, so that we can guarantee the correct cooling of the LED.

The aluminum composite material is also available as a fire-retardant version 

Customization / fixture construction

We can adapt all products to your wishes or requirements, and we can also tailor-make a fixture specifically for your project. Our versatile employees and extensive machine park enable us to make the most special creations for you. We are happy to think with you about the technical feasibility and, if necessary, create a 3D design for the client.

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