Ring of Light PRO

The Ring of Light PRO is a wide Ring Lamp with professional LED lighting with a high lumen output. Can be used as functional lighting

La Linia Lighting also supplies narrow LED rings, see below



The Ring of Light PRO ring fixtures have a width varying from 10cm to 40cm, but this can be deviated from if desired. The height of the fixtures is determined by the client, but is usually 100mm to 300mm. The maximum standard diameter of the Ring of Light LED rings is no less than 230cm. These ring lamps of more than 2 meters or 200cm are the real XL ring lamps.

Decorative and functional

The Ring of Light LED ring lamps are not only decorative, but can also be used as functional lighting due to the high-quality LED lighting. This means that expensive basic lighting is no longer needed in the room. Of course, the ring lights are perfectly dimmable.


Donut lamps

The Proline Ring of Light pro are often also called donut lamps or donut lampshades. The outer edge and inner edge are made of fabric. The top is made of aluminum with high-quality LED modules on it. The underside is made of translucent acrylic. These donut lampshades can be used as functional lighting.

The La Linia donut lamps come with a 5-year warranty


    La Linia Proline Donut lampen met LEDverlichting

    Donutlamp XL 180cm met 144W LEDverlichting en opdruk

    Dubbel Ring of Light voorzien van LEDmodules

    Zwarte donut ringlamp met RGB LED

    Donutlampen 120cm Fitnessclub

    Hanglamp rechthoek met LEDmodules

    Verlichting verzorgingstehuis Proline met LEDpaneel

    Donutlamp boven eettafel met onderhoudsvrije LED

    Donutlamp 140cm met RGB LED

    Hanglamp als functionele verlichting met 144W LEDpaneel

    Donut lampen in fitness studio Duitsland

    Grote ovale hanglamp 300cm met LED

    Donutlamp 100cm RGB Ring

    XXL ovale donutlamp met LEDverlichting

    Stoffen donutlampen geleverd aan BAM

    Grote vierkante donutlampen van 2x2m

    Gestoffeerde donut lampen met opdruk en hoogwaardige LED techniek

    Donutlamp van 230cm met geïntegreerde LED

    Donutlampen met indirect en directe verlichting


The high-quality LED modules are produced in the EU. The LED modules of our ring fixtures are made of solid aluminum, which ensures proper cooling and guarantees a long lifespan.

The LED modules are mounted on an aluminum composite panel in our factory. Fire-retardant and lightweight, so the ring lights can be mounted on virtually any ceiling

The LEDs used have an efficiency of 135-145 lumens per Watt and a CRI of 90+

Dimensions La Linia Ring of Light PRO

It is possible to deviate from our standard dimensions, below is an overview of our standard dimensions and specifications.

The ring luminaires are available in a large number of colours. They can also be supplied as pendant luminaires, i.e. hanging on steel cables, or as a ceiling luminaire for mounting directly against the ceiling.

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Ring of Light PRO 60cm

The Ring of Light PRO 60cm has an outer diameter of 600mm and an inner diameter of 400mm, making the width of the fixture 10cm. This 60cm ring lamp hangs on 3 adjustable steel cables and is equipped with 1 power cable. The length of the hanging system is 300cm as standard, but can be adjusted on request.

This 60cm ring lamp is equipped with 18.4W LED lighting with a CRI of 90+ and a total luminous flux of 2700 lumens and is equipped with MEANWELL LED drivers. Dimmability is optional

Available heights

The Ring of Light PRO 60cm is available in the following heights:

-Different height

Ring of Light PRO 80cm

The La Linia Pro Ringlight of 80cm has an external diameter of 800mm and an internal diameter of 500mm (can also be 600 or 700mm). The lamp hangs on 3 height-adjustable steel cables.

Available heights

The Ring of Light PRO 80cm is available in the following heights:

-Different height

Power and light output

The Pro Ring 80cm has an LED power of 24W and a luminous flux of 3500 lumens, the CRI is 90+

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Ring of Light PRO 100cm

The La Linia ring lamps of 100cm have an outer diameter of 100cm and an inner diameter of 70cm, so the width is 15cm. But can of course also be supplied in other widths.

The technical specifications of the ring 100cm

-36 watts
-5200 Lumens

This fixture is available in the following standard heights: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm or a different height.

Ring of Light PRO 120cm

The Pro Line ring 120cm has a power of 48W and a luminous flux of no less than 7000 lumens. The LED is available in 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K or in a combination of these. RGB LED as downlight or uplight is also possible

This large ring lamp of 120cm has an outer dimension of 1200mm and an inner dimension of 80cm, so the width of the ring is 20cm. The rings are available in any desired height. The outer and inner diameter can also be adjusted on request.

Ring of Light PRO 140cm

140cm LED ring, our XL LED rings are produced entirely by ourselves. The outer diameter of this fixture is 1400mm, the inner diameter is 1000mm, the total width of the fixture is 200mm. Of course, as you would expect from us, we can adjust the inside and outside dimensions to your wishes. For example, we can adjust the width to 10 or even 5 cm. This fixture is available in various heights and in all standard light colors. This 140cm LED ring has a light output of 72W and a luminous flux of 10,500 lumens. The CRI of our LED is higher than 90+

Ring of Light PRO 180cm

This XL ring fixture is no less than 180cm wide, you can determine the height of this lamp yourself. This lamp can be used as decorative lighting and, due to its high light output, can also be used as functional lighting.

Our LED rings can also be provided with a logo or print if desired.

The Ring of Light PRO 180cm has a power of 96 Watts and a light output of no less than 14,000 lumens.

Ring of Light PRO 200cm

200cm, you read that right. Standard in our range of large hanging lamps. This mega LED ring has a diameter of no less than 200cm.

This lamp hangs on 8 steel cables and is available in various colors.

The Ring of Light lamps can be admired in our showroom.

This 200cm LED ring is equipped with our high-quality LED lighting with an efficiency of no less than 135 lumens per Watt, available in 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K. If desired, of course also available with RGB LED ring or as an RGBW version. The total light output of this 200cm LED ring is 17,500 lumens.

Ring of Light PRO 230cm

The largest lamp in the Ring of Light PRO family. This is the largest lamp that can be made from 1 part. Looking for a larger lamp? That is possible, but it is then produced and transported in parts, after which the lamps can be assembled and hung on the project.

This ring fixture has a diameter of 2300mm, a power of no less than 144W, with our high-efficiency LED modules this results in a luminous flux of 21,000 lumens. This large LED ring is of course available in our standard light colors.

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