Private label OEM lampshade manufacturer

La Linia Lighting can produce a proprietary line of lampshades under private label for wholesalers and manufacturers, fully tailored to the client's specifications. This includes specific dimensions, colors, fabrics, and finishes.

These lampshades can be packaged according to the customer's guidelines, potentially including a barcode, item code, and even an image of the product on the box.

Additionally, we can attach the customer's brand labels, which will be stitched into the seam of the lampshade.

Prototypes can typically be delivered within a day.

The client can choose a fabric from our standard collection or provide their own fabric. Alternatively, they can collaborate with one of our suppliers to select a fabric that will be exclusively used for this client if desired.

Furthermore, it's possible to create an entire custom collection by printing fabric with your own designs and patterns. Optionally, we can produce fully flame-retardant lampshades or washable lampshades, suitable for the entire European market.

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We can also provide our customers with color samples, including labeling on the back and branding with their own logo and/or item number.

Our Services

La Linia Lighting offers comprehensive private label services for wholesalers and manufacturers looking for high-quality lampshades, fully customized to their specifications. Here are some of the key features of our services:

Customization: We produce lampshades according to the exact specifications of the client, including dimensions, colors, fabrics, and finishes.

Custom packaging: Lampshades can be packaged according to the customer's guidelines, including barcodes, item codes, and images of the product on the packaging.

Brand labels: We can attach brand labels from the customer, discreetly stitched into the seam of the lampshade.

Fast prototyping: Prototypes can typically be delivered within a day, allowing customers to quickly assess and request adjustments if necessary.

Fabric selection: Customers can choose from our standard collection of fabrics, provide their own fabric, or collaborate with one of our suppliers to select an exclusive fabric.

Custom collection: We offer the possibility of creating a fully customized collection by printing fabrics with unique designs and patterns. We can also produce flame-retardant or washable lampshades that comply with European standards.

In summary, La Linia Lighting is ready to produce custom-made lampshades that meet the specific needs and desires of our customers. With our comprehensive private label service, wholesalers and manufacturers can create a unique collection of lampshades that perfectly aligns with their brand and target audience.


    Lampenkappenproducent La Linia produceert onder private label

    Producent van lampenkappen voor kinderkamers

    Wolvilt lampenkappen, natuurlijk en akoestisch

    Lampen met omslag, dus zonder biesje

    Voorraad frames voor productie van lampenkappen

    Kleurstalencollectie van klant

    CNC snijmachine voor uitsnijden van grote oplages lampenkappen

    Lampenkappen van linnen met omslag, zonder bies

    Lampenkappen linnen met hangtag met artikelinfo

    La Linia Lighting Enschede

The customer determines:

  • Choice of fabric
  • Color and depth of the frame
  • Color of the interior
  • Hangtag with article information
  • Brand label
  • Packaging and labeling on the packaging


Production numbersfor this service range from tens to thousands of units per production run.

Lampshade Manufacturer

La Linia Lighting is a Dutch lampshade manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. La Linia lampshades utilize the latest techniques to produce your lampshades with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest possible quality. Each lampshade is carefully inspected for quality and finishing before packaging.

By automating and optimizing as much of our production process as possible, we are able to offer surprising rates.

One advantage for our wholesale customers is that they need to hold much less inventory themselves, do not end up with unsellable stock, and are assured of consistent quality. We deliver the lampshades fully packaged, including the article numbers or barcodes desired by our customers... ready for immediate delivery.

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