Shapes and models La Linia Pro Line

The La Linia Proline includes a large number of fixtures produced from very high-quality materials. For example, the top of the fixtures is always made of lightweight and fire-retardant composite aluminum. The underside is made of fire-retardant PVC tension film or highly translucent acrylic.

Pro Line LED

Our Pro Line series is equipped with very high-quality LED modules, the LED boards that we have developed especially for this are produced on a full aluminum base. This ensures proper cooling of the LEDs and guarantees a long lifespan. The LED chips from Samsung and Osram have an efficiency of 135 to 145 lumens per watt. The LED boards themselves are produced in the Netherlands in accordance with our strict quality requirements.

Tunable White and RGBW

The Pro Line fixtures are equipped as standard with a light color of your choice 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 6500K. It is also possible to combine 2 of these colors and create tunable white in this way. You choose 2 light colors and with a control system from us, or with a system already present in the building, you can set the light color yourself. Also available as dynamic lighting, which follows a light program so that the color and intensity of the LED lighting can be set and programmed. For example, the lighting follows a natural daily rhythm, during the day there is a lot of light in a high color temperature, as it gets later the light will become warmer and possibly also dimmed. Everything fully automatic.




La Linia Pro Line rectangle (rectangle)

The rectangular Pro Line fixtures are often used above (meeting) tables. Below you will find an overview of the standard sizes. In addition to the standard sizes, we can also produce the rectangular fixtures in other sizes.

Our rectangular Pro Line lampshades are equipped with high-quality LED panels.

La Linia Pro Line Square (Square)

Below is an overview of the specifications of our Pro Line square fixtures. You can enlarge them by clicking on the images.

In addition to the standard dimensions, we can also custom produce these fixtures for your project