Pro Line Cylinder

The La Linia Pro Line Cylinder is a cylindrical fixture, equipped with high-quality LED panels and available in all desired sizes and colors. The Pro Line cylinder fixtures can be supplied as:

Pendant luminaire:

The fixtures are equipped with 3 – 8x steel cable (depending on the size of the fixture) and 1x power cable. The length of the hanging system is 300cm as standard and can easily be shortened. On request we can produce the suspension system in a different length.

Surface mounted:

The Pro Line lamps can be supplied as a ceiling fixture. No steel cables are included. The ceiling version of the Pro Line cylinder lamps is equipped with 3 - 8x mounting points for mounting tightly against the ceiling. If desired, spacers can also be supplied so that the fixtures can be mounted at a certain distance from the ceiling. The bottom/diffuser of the fixtures is always removable, so that it can be easily cleaned and there is quick access to the LED panels and technology.


Here you see Pro Line lamps in a shopping center in Berlin, with a print on the outside, all materials are fully B1 fire retardant.

Adjustments/custom made

In addition to the large number of standard sizes (see also below), the Pro Line cylinder fixtures can also be made to measure. The client determines the diameter, height, but also, for example, the light color and light output. It is also possible to provide lamps with direct/indirect lighting. The Pro Line cylinder fixtures are only equipped with downlight lighting as standard, but can also be equipped with uplight if desired.

Dimensions and specifications

In the overviews below you will find all standard specifications of the Pro Line cylinder lamps. Please note, we can deviate from the standard sizes and, if desired, also adjust the light output to your wishes. Inquire about the possibilities

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    Plafondlampen met LEDpaneel en akoestische bekleding

    ProLine Cilinderkappen met LEDpanelen

    Grote ProLine hanglampen met EDpanelen 180cm

    Dubbele Hanglampen met LEDpanelen

    XL Hanglampen met hoogwaardige LEDPanelen en B1 stoffering voor Duitsland

    Pro Line hanglampen met LEDPaneel voor fitnessclub in Duitsland

    Cluster van lampenkappen met LEDPanelen

    Hanglamp "MILON" met opdruk en LEDpaneel