Ring of Light Finalis

The Ring of Light is final in our latest series of ring lights, and even narrower than our Ring of Light Nexus Slim .
This series is equipped with durable La Linia LED modules that are available in different light intensities, all our modules have a CRI of >90+.

The finalis series are supplied as standard with 3 suspension points, one of which is the power cable, so there is no extra power cable running to your ceiling.

Narrow ring lights

The Finalis Ring Lamps are elegant narrow ring lamps with a modern look. These circular fixtures have a width of only 33mm and a height of 37mm. These modern ring luminaires are equipped with a current-carrying steel cable. The advantage of this is that most fixtures are connected to only 3 cables.

The Finalis ring lamps are available in our standard colours, but we can of course also finish the lamps in a RAL color of your choice.

The LED driver of the Finalis ring lamps can be dimmed and is placed above the ceiling or in a ceiling rose. The ceiling roses are produced to measure if necessary, the client can decide for himself what this ceiling plate should look like and how many ring lights should be mounted on it.

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LED Technology

The LED modules in all our Ring of Light fixtures are produced in the EU and are made of aluminum, which ensures proper heat dissipation and a very long lifespan.

Our Ring of Light circle lamps come with a 5-year warranty as standard.

Standard light colors: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K

Ready to hang

Our lamps are suitable for any type of ceiling, so the drivers can be mounted in a ceiling rose or with a suspended ceiling the drivers can also be placed above your ceiling. If desired, we can supply drilling templates so that the drill holes for the steel cables can easily be marked on the ceiling.

All lamps are complete and ready to hang, including LED driver and hanging system.