Dimensions of dome lamps

Our Emisfero dome lamps are available in 2 versions, namely the rough handmade version (with structure) and the modern smooth version, matt or high-gloss lacquered. These dome lamps can be made in any RAL color.

The Dome lamps are available in 12 different sizes, see the dimensional drawings below

Versions, colors and effects

The La Linia Emisfero lamps are available in a wide variety of colors and effects. In addition to the standard colors, it is possible to paint the dome lamps in a RAL color of your choice. We have a sample case available for the interior designer and architect.


Dome lamps 40cm

Meet the dome lamp line from La Linia Lighting! This line consists of lightweight dome lamps in countless combinations. The smallest starts from 400mm and extends to at least 180mm in diameter! In short, a suitable size dome lamp for every interior. The 40cm dome lamp is the smallest dome we produce, 40cm dome lamps are often placed above cooking islands, kitchen tables or bar tables, usually 2 or 3 40cm dome lamps are hung next to each other.

The dome lamps are handmade in our 3500m2 factory space in Enschede. The hemisphere lamps have been a timeless success in the lighting world for years. These lamps are often used on a project basis, for example in office buildings, dental practices, waiting areas or living areas.

The dome lamp from La Linia Lighting has countless combinations and can even be glued (inside) with, for example, gold leaf or silver leaf. This creates a generous, luxurious appearance and often ends up as a real eye-catcher. Experienced lighting experts have created the most beautiful effects over the years, such as; rust effect, concrete looks or a cast metal look. For more information, take a look at the dome lamps we have produced in the past!

Koepellamp van 60cm buitenzijde mat zwart binnenzijde bladkoper
Hoogglans zwarte halve bol lampen 100cm boven kookeiland
Hoogglans witte koepellamp van 90cm boven eettafel
Witte koepellamp 80cm met bladgouden binnenzijde
2 hanglampen halve boven boven kookeiland binnenzijde bladkoper
XXL halve bol hanglampen met bladkoperen binnenzijde
Mat witte koepellamp 100cm met bladkoperen binnenzijde
2 koepellampen van 70cm boven vergadertafel
Hoogglans witte koepellampen met bladzilveren binnenzijde

Dome lamps 50cm

The dome lamp 500mm has a diameter of 50cm, a height of 25cm, the standard steel cable and cord length is 200cm. If you have a high ceiling, it is no problem for us to supply extra length of steel cables. La Linia Lighting produces the entire product from A to Z itself. This allows us to easily respond to the wishes and needs of our customers.

The Emisfero dome lamp 50cm is one of the smallest domes that we produce, 2 of these dome lamps are often mounted on 1 ceiling beam, for example above a table.

The dome lamps from La Linia Lighting are timeless models with countless possibilities. In recent years we have produced and delivered our dome lamps throughout Europe with great pleasure. The light weight of the half-sphere lamps makes the lamps suitable for any ceiling.

From rough concrete looks to high-gloss white, there are endless possibilities. This makes the dome lamp a timeless model. It is even possible to supply the dome lamps with a rust effect.

Dome lamps 60cm

Meet the La Linia Lighting Dome Lamp 600mm! This dome lamp of 60cm and a height of 30cm is produced to measure. The adjustable steel cables are supplied in the correct length and the customer also determines the color of the textile cord. You also have a wide choice of ceiling roses so that you can complete the finish as completely as possible.

Dome lamps of 60cm are often used in catering projects, above tables, but are also often placed as office lighting, for example above each workplace 1 dome lamp of 60cm.

The dome lamps are rounded off with a beautiful Italian E27 porcelain socket. If desired, we can supply the domes with a light source. Here too there are different choices. Take, for example, a beautiful carbon filament lamp. These are large glass LED lamps with the appearance of a carbon filament light bulb, also available as dimmable.

Would you rather not have a normal transparent cord? We can also supply textile cord for you. This looks a bit more luxurious and is often used by the end user. For more information about this, please feel free to contact us.

koepellamp ruw buiten goud binnen
Koepels van 70cm cast metal met bladkoper binnen
koepellampen 120cm buitenzijde roest effect en binnenzijde goud
2 halve bol bol lampen cast metal met bladgoud
Eclipse lamp van 100cm buitenzijde oxidated copper
Handgemaakte koepellamp voor kantoor van Brandnew Web
Zoet of zout koepellampen 140cm cast metal met bladkoper
Betonlook koepellamp 70cm binnenzijde wit
80cm koepels met roest effect buitenzijde en bladkoperen binnenzijde
3x koepellamp met lichte structuur de binnenzijde in koper, goud en platina
Hanglampen koepel 70cm boven eettafel
Koepellamp 90cm boven eettafel met koperen binnenkant
Betonlook koepellamp 120cm met koperen binnenzijde
3 betonlook koepellampen van 80cm
Grote koepellamp in Vide met bladkoperen binnenzijde
2 halve bol lampen 80cm met structuur binnenzijde
koepellampen 80cm

Dome lamps 70cm

Dome lamps of 70cm are always popular and in terms of dimensions they actually fit into any interior. Two 70cm dome lamps can be placed above large tables, but one 70cm Domelight would also not be out of place above small square or round tables.

A large number of the dome lamps that we produce have a handmade effect on the outside, these are our so-called 'handmade' effects such as concrete look dome lamps, rust dome lamps and cast metal dome lamps. But in addition to a beautiful handmade effect, our half-sphere lamps of 70cm can of course also be finished completely smooth and provided with a nice, even coating in our own paint shop. We supply the dome lamps in a high-gloss finish and a matte finish.

After the spraying process, the 70cm dome lamps are mounted, a beautiful porcelain fitting is placed and the lamp is provided with a textile connecting cable in a color and length of your choice. The ceiling rose can also be made in a color of your choice.

The domelights are then carefully packed by our packing department where they are then prepared for transport. After this, the dome lamps are delivered 100% damage-free in the Netherlands by our own drivers. For shipments outside the Netherlands, the dome lamps are usually sent on pallets.

Dome lamps 80cm

The dome lamp 800mm has a diameter of 800mm and a height of 400mm. This product designed by La Linia Lighting is very lightweight and can therefore be mounted on any ceiling. The entire production process takes place from A to Z in our workshop in Enschede.

There are also numerous options to provide the half-sphere hanging lamps with special effects and lacquers. For example, the inside and outside can be provided with a metal layer of copper, aluminum, rust, stone look or marble look. A suitable design can be created for every interior. Our team of lighting experts is happy to help you find the optimal lighting solutions for your project.

The Emisfero dome lamp of 80cm, together with the hemisphere lamp of 70cm and 90cm, is our best-selling item.

Our dome lamps are used on a project basis in various sectors. Common spaces include school buildings, office buildings and of course many catering projects. The dome lamps are extremely suitable as catering lighting. Especially because these lamps can absolutely take a beating and provide very atmospheric light, especially if they are fitted with copper or gold leaf.

Dome lamps 90cm

The special thing about our dome lamps is that they are completely custom-made, our Emisfero dome lamps are available in almost every size and a very wide diversity of colors and effects.

The 90cm dome lamp is one of our best selling sizes and was one of the first dome lamps we produced

The dome lamps are extremely suitable as catering lighting, office lighting, but also very suitable for residential homes. The dome lamps are made of very sturdy and lightweight material.

Dome lamps 100cm

Meet the La Linia Lighting Dome Lamp collection. Attention here, the 1000mm diameter dome. This dome is 100CM wide and 50cm high. With this beautiful handmade dome, available in countless effects, you bring a real eye-catcher into your home. Can be used beautifully as office lighting, catering lighting or simply above the kitchen table!

After years of puzzling, La Linia Lighting has found the perfect formula for a timeless lighting fixture that can be used in both classic and modern atmospheres. For example, take one of the countless options such as an exterior in matt RAL, gloss RAL or one of the countless copper variants. For the inside we have copper leaf, silver leaf, gold leaf and much more!

Curious about the La Linia Lighting Dome Lamps? Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Dome lamps 120cm

Dome lamps with a diameter of no less than 1200mm! This lighting fixture with endless possibilities in color, effects and structures has a height of 600mm. The hanging system is adjustable as desired.

Emisfero is the official brand name of our dome lamp line. This has the literal meaning 'Half sphere'. The half-sphere hanging lamps are handmade in our factory space in Enschede. All dome lamps are produced specifically for the customer and are always one of a kind.

Emisfero dome lamps have been used throughout Europe for years. The Emisfero Dome Lamps are generally known for their quality, craftsmanship and infinite freedom of choice for the customer in size, color and material.

Dome lamps 140cm

The La Linia Lighting dome lamps, also known under our brand name Emisfero dome lamps, are generally known for their quality, craftsmanship and countless customer choices in size, color and material. The 1400mm Emisfero dome lamp has a height of 70CM and a width (under diameter) of 140CM. This is one of the largest fixtures from our standard dome line.

The also called 'Half-sphere lamps' are made of very light material. This makes them easy to attach to any ceiling. You have a choice in everything. Color, material, textile cord and cord color, ceiling rose and color, etc. The production process of the dome lamp takes place in our factory in Enschede. Lighting craftsmen work here day in, day out, producing domes. A different umbrella for every project!

Due to its timeless appearance, the dome lamp can be used in both modern and classic spaces. We have a team of lighting experts ready who are more than happy to help with your project or idea. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!