Lampshades manufacturer

La Linia Lighting produces lampshades, Ring of Light lamps, hanging lamps, dome lamps and industrial lamps entirely in-house.

La Linia works closely with architects, interior builders and designers to produce particularly atmospheric lighting for different target groups. In addition to a large number of standard products, as mentioned, we can fully adapt all our products to the wishes and requirements of our customers and our products are fully customizable to the look and feel of your project.

We produce lampshades under private label (OEM) for wholesalers, manufacturers and lifestyle brands. These are provided with article numbers, EAN codes or brand labels if desired and are packaged according to customer requirements. The quantities can vary from a few pieces to thousands of pieces.

Since January 2017, La Linia lighting has been located at Binnenhaven 20 in Enschede. From this spacious building, where we have a large warehouse, a very spacious production facility and even our own paint shop, we serve our customers throughout Western Europe.

Here you will also find our 400m2 showroom where all product groups are exhibited.

You are very welcome to visit our showroom.

Own production

La Linia produces all its products entirely in-house, for more information about this production process you can watch our company video here .

We have a modern computer-controlled cutting machine for the production of lampshades. With our modern computer-controlled cutting machines, we cut out most difficult shapes without any problems and ensure a perfect fit, so our customers are assured of a perfect product.

Private Label

If desired, we can provide the lampshades with your own label, barcode, or packaging.

This means we can act as an OEM producer for manufacturers, wholesalers or brands.

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    Hanglampen 150cm wolvilt akoestisch brandvertragend

    Blind afgewerkte lampenkappen

    Hanglampen 120cm met bedrukte binnenzijde in zwartwit

    Lampenkappen zonder bies bedrukt

    Lampenkappen van Livigno stof met omslag

    gekleurde lampenkappen met blenders

    Grote witte conische hanglampen in Hema restaurant

    Lampenkappen voor zorg wolvilt B1

    Grote staande lampenkappen Cafe Thomas

    Kinderkamerlampen klaar voor verpakken

    Producent van bedrukte lampenkappen

    CNC snijmachine voor uitsnijden van lampenkappen

Rolled edge Lampshades

Practically all shades that La Linia produces are finished "blind", which means that the frame is upholstered at the top and bottom in the fabric of the lampshade. These are also called rolled edge lampshades or strip shades. So it actually means nothing other than that the classic piping tape is no longer used, but the frame of the lampshade is therefore upholstered in the fabric on the outside. See also the image, which clearly shows the cover

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